Case Study

Case Study: Cross-Country University Laboratory Relocation

Overview of Services

  • Research Laboratory at Private University
  • Cross-country relocation
  • Temperature-monitoring for -80⁰ laboratory freezers
  • Sensitive equipment relocation
  • Specialized handling of irreplaceable research

Our Role

Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville’s team partnered with a west coast, private university’s research team for a cross-country relocation of equipment, decades’ worth of research materials and servers holding invaluable scientific research findings and files. The lab needed to be relocated from Palo Alto, CA to the Huntsville, AL HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology (HAIB). This project required Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville’s team to pack, crate, load, transport, deliver, and set up the entire lab.

Project Challenges

It was Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville’s responsibility to handle this lab move with the utmost caution and care, as the materials being handled were extremely sensitive. There were eighty-seven -80⁰ laboratory freezers that had to be loaded into reefer trailers, plugged in and running in order to maintain below freezing temperatures throughout the trip. Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville provided project management and coordination for equipment vendors to service the machines for transport and scheduled specialized crews with expertise in laboratory relocations. These crews kept the freezers monitored at all times throughout the move and carefully handled their unloading and placement when they arrived in Huntsville at HAIB.

The laboratory’s computer servers were also a critical element of this relocation. Should anything happen to the servers during the relocation, years’ worth of research would be destroyed. Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville was able to assist here with no casualties.

Client Values & Results

From initial planning through completion, this job took two months. The packing, delivery and placement of all materials was completed in less than two weeks. The most efficient part of the relocation process was Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville’s tractor-trailer driving teams who were able to complete the transit in just two and a half days, compared with the normal five-day travel time.

The result was a very timely, positive outcome for the client. Despite this being a massive undertaking with highly sensitive materials that represented millions of dollars and decades of research, the Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville team handled the entire relocation for the client with a detailed, scheduled plan that they clearly outlined and communicated with the client.

High-Quality Capabilities

Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville is part of a family of national Armstrong Relocation teams that represent the nation’s largest, asset-based commercial services provider with highly-trained and specialized crews. Our reputation as a full-service commercial relocation team with glowing reviews makes us a clear choice for laboratory and specimen relocation services for laboratories across the nation. Learn more about our laboratory relocation services here or give us a call at 800.288.7396.

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