5 Common Uses for Commercial Storage


During the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial storage became instrumental to the short-term plans of companies in flux. As businesses adopted remote-friendly workplaces, commercial storage preserved companies’ office equipment, files and furniture.

But many companies are not new to commercial-storage — storage solutions have already been foundational to their success for decades. Here are five ways that industries have historically leveraged commercial storage space to stay agile amid changing trends.

Fulfilling nationwide e-commerce orders

In many industries, e-commerce has replaced brick-and-mortar retail as consumers’ shopping avenue of choice. As a result, e-commerce businesses are snapping up vacant warehousing space to keep up with fulfillment. A recent report by The Business Research Company found that worldwide warehousing usage has accelerated because of a boom in e-commerce orders and an increasing demand for speedy deliveries.

E-commerce giants not only rely on commercial storage for available inventory, they also depend on third-party logistics companies (3PLs) to manage those assets, fulfill orders and provide final-mile deliveries to customers’ doorsteps. Leasing space and services allows these e-commerce companies to apply the full force of a nationwide 3PL network to fulfillment.

 Receiving shipments for new hospitality construction

 Hundreds of new hotels spring up across the country every year. From March to September 2020 alone, the United States opened 55,000 new hotel rooms, according to market-research firm STR. When hotel construction or renovation begins, the project needs ample storage space to keep furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) secure until the rooms are ready.

While an on-site manager handles the construction, a 3PL receives incoming shipments of towels, mattresses and other goods for the rooms. A 3PL ensures that every item is organized and out of the way so new arrivals don’t crowd the site. When the project advances, a logistics partner then creates a detailed delivery schedule to maximize efficiency during the installation process.

 Supporting cross-campus relocations at top universities

 Higher-education faculty, staff and students are always on the move. Departments relocate across campus and students transition from dorm to dorm. Universities often store furniture, lab equipment and other essentials in commercial storage while they are not in use so the institutions are equipped to handle these agile relocations.

Universities require highly-specialized services, such as climate-controlled storage for priceless lab research. When professors begin the process of relocating their labs to different locations around campus, 3PL partners provide short-term storage solutions that protect the valuable lab specimens and equipment from moisture, heat and other climate threats.

 Storing staging materials for real-estate firms

Real-estate firms have to quickly accommodate their clients’ needs, sometimes staging spaces at a moment’s notice to meet tight deadlines. City offices typically can’t store the large amounts of furniture that a realtor may need at any given time. Instead, commercial storage allows growing firms to maintain an efficient footprint, keeping materials out of sight yet accessible.

Firms may also invest in long-term commercial storage solutions to keep their offices free of clutter. Success in the real-estate industry requires promotional materials, prominent signs and eye-catching displays to attract new clients — all of which can stay organized and protected in storage until needed.

 Managing inventory for major manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is easily impacted by disruptions to the global supply chain, making commercial-storage solutions essential to maintaining momentum in difficult circumstances. Commercial storage allows manufacturers to minimize downtime by building up inventories of parts and materials used in production.

Manufacturers’ storage needs are dynamic and benefit from the expert touch of a 3PL. Third-party partners provide value-add services such as kitting to boost a manufacturing business’s bottom line. They also maintain detailed online assets catalogs that manufacturing clients can access from anywhere in the world, granting executives more flexibility to visit global sourcing partners or expand to new regions without an in-state presence.

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