Why Every New Hotel Needs A 3PL Partner

man looking out hotel window

After several slow years, the United States hotel industry is finally picking up steam.

The U.S. had 621,268 hotel rooms under construction by the end of the second quarter of 2022, according to Lodging Econometrics. The country’s 5,220 new hotel projects accounted for 37% of the global construction pipeline.

As hotel developers resume their long-awaited projects from coast to coast, competition is steep for materials, labor and space. With ongoing supply-chain disruptions and a war for talent, the hospitality industry is calling on third-party logistics (3PL) providers to help them keep up the pace.

A 3PL is a one-stop shop for any logistics, warehousing or fulfillment needs, providing insights on how to make supply chain processes more effective and efficient. For hospitality companies, 3PL partners are a critical resource before, during and after new construction.

Here are five reasons why your hotel project needs a 3PL expert.

1. Protect your shipments & supply chain.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment breathe life into a new hotel, giving the space color, energy and purpose. While your purchasing partner focuses on procuring the new furnishings, your 3PL focuses on coordinating and receiving all the deliveries.

Typically, 3PL partners own trucks and warehouses across the country, allowing them to receive and transport goods faster than your in-house staff. With their extensive experience and industry partnerships, the 3PL providers can minimize disruptions to your supply chain.

As your 3PL accepts and receives deliveries, it can also inspect the contents, checking that the items are what you were expecting and are in good condition. If any damage occurs during delivery, your 3PL partner can help you arrange the delivery of a replacement.

2. Save time with FF&E kitting services.

After receiving the deliveries and performing quality checks, your 3PL partner can organize the FF&E items to speed up the installation process.

Through services such as kitting, the 3PL can group and package each room’s materials, including the bed, sheets, pillows, electronics, art and other furnishings.

By organizing deliveries by room, the 3PL saves your team time, money and energy. When it comes time to put the rooms together, the process will be quick and painless, allowing you to sit back and supervise.

3. Maximize space by storing off-site.

In most hotel projects, installing FF&E materials will be one of the final tasks on the to-do list. Keeping everything on site until construction is complete can waste your time and budget.

However, in today’s tight industrial market, leasing or purchasing your own off-site warehousing space may not be a realistic option either. A 3PL partner allows you to expand your physical footprint without getting caught up in long-term commitments, providing warehousing space on an as-needed basis.

A 3PL warehouse has the best inventory-management technology and on-site security to ensure your assets stay secure and accessible. No matter where you are in the world, you can still stay on top of your inventory through cutting-edge catalogs.

 4. Stagger deliveries for fewer disruptions. 

Instead of transporting all materials at once, your 3PL partner creates a delivery schedule that minimizes disruptions to you and your on-site staff.

Often, a 3PL staggers the schedule to ensure steady progress without interrupting your construction and other operations.

While your 3PL coordinates with your staff to get each piece of furniture and equipment into place, you can focus on your other urgent tasks to ensure the opening day is a resounding success.

5. Receive the white-glove treatment.

In an industry where appearances matter, it pays to have a partner who can give you and your materials the white-glove treatment.

Your 3PL can handle nearly every step of the FF&E process, including installing complicated furniture and equipment. When the installation is complete, the 3PL clears debris from the space to make every room move-in-ready.

By partnering with a 3PL, you receive access to a team of industry experts who can anticipate your needs and find solutions to make your hotel construction simple and straightforward. By the time opening day comes, you can rest easy knowing that your 3PL took care of every last detail. 

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