White-Glove Moving Services

Moving can be a headache. Some people wait until the very last minute to pack, then live out of boxes long after they make the move, struggling to remember where they packed everything. Others prepare so far in advance that their to-do lists keep getting longer and longer, making the relocation process even more intimidating than it was initially.

Luckily for both kinds of people, there is a way to move without having to lift a finger. It is commonly called “white-glove moving service,” and many businesses offer it in relocation packages to ensure their employees’ transitions are as seamless as possible.

So, what does “white-glove service” mean?

In its most literal definition, white-glove service means a superior level of service marked by extra special care. In the moving industry, white-glove service commonly refers to a premium process in which a relocation company takes care of all of the little details of your move from the initial assessment to transporting, unpacking and organizing your valuables on the big day. Instead of living amid half-unpacked boxes for weeks while you get used to your new home and workplace, white-glove service means that moving specialists will organize your home exactly how you want it, right down to hanging your art in their rightful places on the walls.

What might white-glove moving services include?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to relocating. Like most moving processes, you can choose from a wide array of offerings to tailor white-glove services to your unique moving needs. At Armstrong Relocation, our VIP moving experience starts with contact from one of our coordinators who will listen to your needs, assess your individual priorities and offer support.

Armstrong Relocation is committed to providing exceptional service for every client, and we have a proven history of going the extra mile to provide value. But for busy customers with additional moving needs, we also offer white-glove moving services, including the following programs:

  • Finishing Touch Program – Created as a way to remove the stress entirely from the moving process for busy professionals. Instead of simply packing and unpacking your belongings, we will also take care of all of the finishing touches so that you can focus on your work. Depending on your moving needs, our Finishing Touch Program might include services such as washing your dishes, cleaning all surfaces, organizing your items as we unpack and making your beds.
  • Handyman Service – This program tackles your maintenance checklist so your home is ready for you. This might include re-assembling the items that were dismantled for the move, installing your televisions, setting up household accessories and more.

Why offer white-glove moving services in company relocation packages?

Though individuals sometimes use white-glove moving services, they are most often included in company relocation packages as a recruitment tactic or a statement of gratitude for an employee’s hard work. By making sure your employees’ houses look and feel like homes by the time they move in, relocating for work seems less daunting. Employees feel more valued, and they are able to focus on their new work assignments without the never-ending move-in checklists hanging over their heads.

Are you ready to take your company relocation packages to the next level?

Call Armstrong today to discuss how white-glove moving services might be right for you and your business. Let us take care of all the pesky moving details so your employees can focus on your company’s growth.