What to Do When You Are Moving the Office – Part Two

So, you’re finally making the move! This is an exciting time for your company and should be a smooth, enjoyable transition for your team. Planning is the key to success, so keeping a detailed agenda of what comes after the trucks are loaded will set you up for a much smoother move.

Armstrong Commercial Services has decades of experience moving companies of all sizes and industries. We know how to take the headache and hassle out of moving and we’re here to give you all the best tips!

Learn the Ropes in Your New Space

A new office means a whole new set of rules you and your team need to be aware of before you move in. You may have been allowed to have live plants or open windows at your previous space, but you should take a close look at all your building agreements before assuming the same at your new space. These rules and agreements will also come in handy when planning your move as your building owner may have very particular times and days that moving is allowed so as not to disturb other business residents.

You’ll also want to have a clear outline of all your safety features before bringing your teams into work. Make sure you’re prepared to give everyone a clear overview of where fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency exits, and other emergency equipment are located. Dedicate time to preparing your team to stay safe and feel comfortable in the new office.

Make Sure Everything Will Be Fully Operational Before Your First Business Day

One of the biggest complications you’ll come across while moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your technology. If your company has an I.T. department, have them start making plans to get your tools connected before the first day back to the office. If you don’t have an internal team to handle this, it’s best to choose a full-service moving company that can handle it all for you. Armstrong’s technology services are here to help. When your company is ready to move, we’ll work with your move management team to assess what technology you need disconnected and transported to your new location. After handling the logistics for you, we’ll unload and reconnect all phones, internet, desktops and other items so your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

Make sure you take a thorough look over what your new office space offers for essential amenities like phones lines, IT assistance, and cables. You’ll also want to make arrangements with your current phone and internet suppliers for disconnect and reconnect services during the move.

Keep Your Team in the Loop

A team that’s frequently informed and prepared for this big transition is likely to feel far more energized! Communicate a clear schedule to your company that outlines what is happening and exactly when it’s happening. If you need your team to pitch in during the move-in process, designate teams and responsibilities early on so everyone knows what to expect.

If you want your team to have a hands-off moving experience, choose a mover that can relocate everything to the new location without any obligation from your team. Armstrong’s experienced office moving team will not only plan and budget your relocation, but completely unpack and organize your new space, as well as reconnect your technology and reconfigure your new office furniture.


Your company has worked hard to get to this point, now you deserve to enjoy it! At Armstrong, we know how important it is to celebrate your milestones and we’re here to help you have a smoother, stress-free transition so you can get to celebrating faster. Let us take care of the details so your team can focus on getting back to business. Contact Armstrong Commercial Services about your office move today.

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This is the second in a series of blogs about important office moving tasks for business owners. In case you missed part one: Six Months Out: What to Do When You Are Moving The Office.

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