Sacramento: Best Data Center Site in California?

A view of a technology server in a data center warehouse. Photo by Taylor Vick

When it comes to establishing a data center, choosing the right location is paramount. With its strategic advantages, robust infrastructure, and thriving business environment, Sacramento emerges as the ultimate data center site in California. Let’s delve into the reasons why this city is the preferred destination for data center operations.

The Deciding Factors for Placing a Data Center

The ideal location for a data center depends on a combination of crucial factors. Accessibility is of prime importance. The site should be easily reachable by employees, customers, network providers, and major transportation hubs.

Physical accessibility ensures efficient maintenance, upgrades, and timely resolution of problems, while robust internet connectivity is vital. Data centers therefore need to be in a location that has access to multiple major network and cable operators, guaranteeing redundancy and minimizing the risk of outages.

Furthermore, the area needs reliable utility infrastructure. This includes a stable and ample power supply, advanced cooling systems to manage heat generated by the servers, and top-notch physical security measures since data centers often host critical data.

Beyond the technical aspects, a favorable business environment is essential. Government incentives, specialized support services, and access to a skilled local workforce can significantly bolster a colocation facility’s long-term success.

Sacramento: The Best Site for Data Centers

Sacramento’s strategic location offers a compelling environment for commercial IT infrastructure, given its proximity to major markets, robust infrastructure, and favorable business climate.

Let’s cover these aspects in more detail:

Proximity to Major Markets

Located just two hours away from Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Sacramento is California’s sweet spot for IT services. It serves as a strategic and cost-effective alternative to the expensive real estate in these two tech industry hubs.

Business Infrastructure

Sacramento boasts a thriving data center market with state-of-the-art facilities and robust internet connectivity. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District ensures reliable power supply, while carrier-neutral facilities guarantee seamless connectivity for IT operations.

Excellent Connectivity

The Sacramento International Airport provides this part of the state with easy access for data center operators to fly in expert staff or new equipment for maintenance and expansion. DC customers often appreciate a nearby location for their own backup facilities or disaster recovery sites in case of emergencies. Land is often cheaper near an airport too!

Renewable Energy

Sacramento prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility, with a focus on renewable energy sources. This commitment to green initiatives aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly information management solutions.

Business-Friendly Environment

The Sacramento region offers a business-friendly environment with incentives, support services, and a skilled workforce. Customers benefit from the favorable economic conditions and the thriving technology sector in Northern California.

What is the Largest Data Center in California?

There are various criteria for determining which is the largest facility. Here’s a breakdown of possible contenders in this state:

Physical Footprint

Vantage Data Centers operates two campuses in Santa Clara: The first covers 335,000 square feet, and the second – due to open in 2024 – covers 175,000 square feet in a project with potential to cover 541,000 square feet.

Power Consumption

Vantage operates the largest LEED Platinum-certified data center campus in North America. The Santa Clara I and Santa Clara II sites each represent a critical IT load of 75MW.

Customer Concentration

Several data centers in major hubs like Los Angeles and Silicon Valley hold huge volumes of data due to the high density of local market subscribers, internet customers and network providers in those locations. Companies like Equinix and CoreSite have a significant presence in these areas.

Future Expansion

Data center operators are in constant expansion, and apart from Vantage, one company to keep an eye on is Nautilus Data Technologies, which is building a floating facility in Stockton. Such innovative and scalable projects could reshape California’s colocation landscape.

How Do I Choose a Data Center Site?

When choosing a data center site, companies consider the following factors:

  • Location: Assess the proximity to major markets for efficient customer access, transportation hubs for equipment delivery, and disaster-free zones to mitigate the risk of natural disasters.
  • Connectivity: Evaluate the availability of diverse carriers, network operators and internet exchanges for seamless connectivity. Prioritize redundancy and low latency for optimal data flow.
  • Infrastructure: Look for robust power connectivity, with backup systems, advanced cooling to manage server heat, top-notch physical security protocols, and redundancy measures across all critical systems to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Scalability: Choose a site that can accommodate future growth and expansion requirements. Consider both physical space and the ability to scale power, cooling, and network capacity as needed.
  • Cost: Consider the total cost of ownership, including real estate, utilities, taxes, operational expenses, and potential incentives. Factor in long-term costs alongside initial investment.

What is the Best Data Center Strategy?

Crafting the ideal data center solution for your company entails a thorough assessment of your organization’s distinct business needs and requirements. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of various factors such as geographic location, connectivity options, robust infrastructure capabilities, scalability potential, and cost-effectiveness. By carefully assessing each of these elements, you can pinpoint the optimal data center solution that aligns perfectly with your organization’s objectives and future growth strategies.

The Clear Choice for Data Center Success

In conclusion, Sacramento stands out as the best data center site in California. It offers customers strategic advantages, robust infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment that will be essential as data centers undergo unprecedented transformation over the next decade.

With servers becoming more powerful and AI-infused, and as more businesses migrate their operations to the cloud, Sacramento provides the ideal ecosystem for successful data center deployments.

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