Demystifying Commercial Moving Costs: How Much Do Movers Cost for Local Move in 2024?

Moving your business can be a complex and expensive endeavor. While the excitement of a new location is high, the total costs of full-service moving companies are daunting. 

Keep reading to discover commercial movers’ costs and what can impact your total cost.

Understanding the Factors Affecting Commercial Movers Cost

How much do movers cost is a big question for a commercial move. Budgeting for moving services can lead to varying quotes. There are several factors that can impact moving costs. Here are several key factors that influence the cost of hiring movers:

Size and complexity of the move 

Larger and more complex moves will incur higher costs than smaller, straightforward relocations. The amount of furniture and equipment can impact the time and resources required for the move. 


The distance between your current and new location plays a significant role in determining the cost of commercial movers. A local or long distance move can make an impact on your moving costs. 

A long-distance move requires more travel time, fuel, and overnight accommodations for the moving crew. Professional movers will charge more for long-distance moves compared to a local move.

Services required 

Local moving companies offer a wide range of services beyond loading and unloading a moving truck. They may also offer extra services including packing, IT technical support, and storage unit options. 

You may need full-service movers to move commercial spaces. However, the more services you need, the higher the cost of hiring local movers will be. The total cost may be worth it though.

Extra needs

A full service move may need extra work. Your relocation might need to use special equipment for sensitive or heavy items. Local movers tend to charge additional costs for these services.

Hourly vs flat rate

Commercial movers often offer both an hourly rate and flat-rate pricing structures. Hourly rates are suitable for smaller moves or those with unpredictable needs. Meanwhile, flat rates provide a total cost for larger, well-defined projects.

Unpacking the Average Cost of Commercial Moves

The exact cost to move your business depends on your specific circumstances. Here’s a general breakdown of the average cost of commercial moves in 2024:

  • Small office (1-2 employees): $2,500-$5,000
  • Medium office (3-5 employees): $5,000-$10,000
  • Large office (10+ employees): $10,000-$50,000
  • Retail store: $5,000-$25,000
  • Warehouse: $25,000-$100,000

It’s important to remember that these are estimates. The actual cost to move your business may vary.

Getting Specific: How Much Do Commercial Local Movers Cost in My Area?

The cost of hiring commercial movers can vary depending on your location. Factors like local competition and cost of living can affect your moving costs. 

Contact several commercial moving companies in your area and provide them with details about your move. Be sure to inquire about their service packages, hourly rates, and any potential additional fees.

Pro tip: When comparing quotes, don’t fixate on the lowest price. Consider factors like the company’s experience, reputation, and level of service to ensure a smooth and successful move.

Exploring Strategies to Save Money on a Commercial Moving Company

Hiring professional commercial movers can simplify your relocation process. But it’s natural to want to find ways to save money. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

Shop around and compare quotes

Obtaining quotes from many commercial moving companies allows you to compare prices and choose the best deal.

Plan your move 

Avoid peak moving season. Schedule your move during the off-season (weekdays and winter months) to get lower rates.

Pack as much as possible

Packing your belongings yourself can reduce the cost of hiring commercial movers.

Declutter and dispose of unwanted items

Minimizing the amount of items you need to move by decluttering. It can lead to lower transportation costs and downsize the size of the moving truck.

Consider partial services

If your budget is tight, choose only essential services. Tasks like packing or furniture disassembly/reassembly are activities you can do yourself.

Use a hybrid approach

Consider renting a moving truck and hiring labor only for loading and unloading. This can be cost-effective for smaller moves or if you have a team willing to assist.

Use storage solutions

Consider storing some non-essential items in a storage unit to minimize the amount you need to move immediately. This can be particularly helpful if your new location isn’t ready for all your belongings.

Ask about discounts

Many commercial moving companies offer discounts for nonprofits and government agencies. Businesses may also find discounts for moving during specific times or months. Be sure to inquire about any available discounts to maximize your savings.

Remember: While saving money is crucial, never compromise on the quality of your commercial movers. Focus on finding a reputable company with a proven track record of successful commercial relocations.

Beyond the Cost: Additional Considerations for Hiring Movers

Commercial moving involves more than just transporting furniture and equipment. Here are some additional factors to consider when making your decision:

Experience and expertise

Look for a company with experience in handling commercial moves. They should understand the unique challenges and logistics associated with relocating a business.

Project management 

Choose a moving company that assigns a dedicated project manager. They can help oversee your move and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Insurance and licensing

Verify the company carries adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance. It can help protect your business and its employees.

Communication and transparency

Choose a company that provides clear and consistent communication. Transparency will help throughout the moving process.

References and reviews

Check online reviews and request references from past clients. It can help you gain insights into the company’s service quality and reputation.

Hiring professional movers for a long-distance move

Hiring professional commercial movers is an investment in a smooth and efficient relocation. A superior moving company minimizes disruption to your business operations. 

Take the time to compare quotes, research companies, and understand all the associated costs. Research will help you make an informed decision and ensure a successful move within your budget. You can navigate your business relocation with confidence by implementing these strategies.

At Armstrong, our business moving services manage every last detail of your office relocation. From small retail spaces to large warehouses, our experienced professionals will ensure a smooth move. 


What do most movers charge per hour?

Movers may charge anywhere from $25 to $125 per hour per mover. The pricing varies depending on what moving services you need. You may only require labor costs for loading and unloading of a moving truck which may cost less compared to a full-service moving company. 

What is a reasonable amount for moving expenses?

Moving costs will vary depending on office size, relocation distance, cost of living, and moving services required. A general idea for estimating moving costs is to budget about $1.5-$2 per square foot of your current office space. 

Why are professional movers so expensive?

Professional movers are often expensive due to several factors. Movers bring experience, specialized equipment, and insurance to the job. They also provide extra help like planning and coordinating details of your office relocation. Moving companies often save you stress and time which makes their fees worthwhile.