Case Study

Case Study: Specialty Bourbon Whiskey Company Relies on Armstrong’s Transportation Team


  • Customer: Blue Note Bourbon
  • Industry: Food and Beverage
  • Solution: Transportation and Warehousing
  • Resources: Blue Note Bourbon [Parent Company: B.R Distilling Company]


In 2013, B.R. Distilling Company set their roots in Memphis, TN as the oldest licensed distillery with their two award-winning flagship brands, Blue Note Bourbon and Riverset Rye. President and Chief Operating Officer Logan Welk joined the company in 2019, working toward sustained growth and passion with every step. When it came to the logistics of getting his bourbons from creation to distribution, he knew he would need a reliable, spirit industry-seasoned partner he could trust. Welk and the Blue Note Bourbon team turned to Armstrong for their transportation and warehousing needs. 

The Story

Memphis-based Blue Note Bourbon offers a lineup of six specialty straight bourbon whiskeys described as “each having its own unique twist on a perfectly smooth straight whiskey”. Blue Note’s choice of location was chosen thoughtfully, as temperature plays a critical role in the process of aging whiskey to perfection. Their warehousing facilities are located east of the Mississippi, where the environment creates a “heat island effect” and provides the perfect whiskey-aging atmosphere for their products – noted by Blue Note as “our own micro-climate, with high humidity and steady temperatures”. Since their launch, Blue Note has received esteemed recognition within the bourbon scene, most recently earning the prestigious double gold medal at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. With substantial growth and unique warehousing and supply chain needs, Blue Note has depended on Armstrong to ease challenges. 

Armstrong has alleviated limitations and growing pains by stepping in to provide inbound and outbound freight logistics as well as bulk warehousing services. President of Armstrong’s transportation team, Alexander Folk, holds eight years of experience within the spirits industry, which was a key factor in partnering with Armstrong. Blue Note President Logan Welk highlighted his relationship with Folk stating, “His understanding of our nuanced requirements as a liquor transporter resulted in immediately hitting the ground running with reliable and flexible service that not only mitigates our risk, but also improves flow of operations in the process.” Additionally, he commented, “having reliable points of contact that can adjust to our flexible shipping needs, often in low service areas, is incredibly important to us. Being able to include their team on customer emails so they can see the flow of business is crucial to keeping things moving.” 

At Armstrong, we pride ourselves on providing expert industry experience and personal connections that clients like Blue Note Bourbon value and appreciate above all.