How to Reserve A Parking Spot For Your Moving Truck in Boston

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Moving in Boston? Finding parking for your moving truck can be a stressful experience. But fear not! This guide will walk you through the process of reserving a spot, whether you prefer to apply online or in person.

Before You Apply

A standard Boston moving permit reserves two parking spaces for one day from 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. You can only apply online if your moving date is at least two weeks away, and no more than a month away. Otherwise, you must come in person at least three days before your move. You may also want to check if your desired spot requires a separate Boston parking permit in addition to the moving permit.

Parking Permit Costs & How to Apply Online

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Parking Permit Costs:

  • Non-metered spaces: $69 for a one-day permit that includes two signs.
  • Metered spaces: Add $40 to the non-metered price for a total of $109.
  • Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or debit card. Apply online here.

Receiving Your Permit:

Once your application is approved, we’ll mail your permit directly to you via USPS. Double-check: Make sure the address you provide during account creation is accurate, as it might differ from your billing or the parking location.

Expect your permit to arrive within 10 days of approval.

Apply for a Parking Permit in Person

boston city hall

Standard Boston moving permits reserves two parking spaces for one day from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.  If your moving day is at least two weeks away, but no more than a month away, you can apply online.

Otherwise, you must come in person at least three days before your move.

If you want to look up the availability of the parking spots you are interested in using, you can search our database of Street Occupancy Permits before coming to the Boston City Hall

To apply in person, visit the Transportation Department in Room 721 at Boston’s City Hall for a city approved parking spot and moving permit. Please note that the public space requested for the moving permit must be actual parking spots. Provide the following information on your visit:

  • the date of your move
  • the address you will park in front of
  • if there is metered parking

After you get approval from the Transportation Department, bring your receipt and payment to Public Works in Room 715 at City Hall.

Make Sure to Post Your Signs

parking permit only sign in boston

Securing your parking spots is crucial, but being a courteous mover goes a long way in ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved. Here’s how to make the most of your permit signs and flyer:

Posting Your Signs:

  • Timing is key: Adhere to the designated timeframe. Post signs at least two days before your move for non-metered spaces, and one day before for metered spaces. This allows ample notice for residents and avoids unnecessary confusion.
  • Visibility matters: Choose prominent locations near the reserved spaces, like lampposts, light fixtures, or building entrances. Ensure the signs are clearly visible from the street and sidewalk, avoiding obstructions like parked cars or overgrown foliage.
  • Respect private property: Refrain from attaching signs directly to vehicles or private property without explicit permission. Opt for public spaces like lampposts or designated bulletin boards instead.

Neighborly Flyer Distribution:

  • Spreading the word: Utilize the provided flyers to inform your neighbors about your upcoming move. This considerate gesture helps manage expectations and potential inconveniences.
  • Targeted distribution: Focus on distributing flyers within a half-block radius of the reserved parking spaces. This ensures the information reaches those most impacted by your move.
  • Clear communication: Briefly state your move date, the duration you’ll need the parking spaces, and any relevant details like specific restrictions or timeframes. Encourage neighbors to contact you with questions or concerns.

Blocked Parking Spots During Moving Day

Finding a car illegally parked in your reserved moving spot can be frustrating, but staying calm and following the proper steps can help resolve the situation efficiently. Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact the Boston Police Department: Call the non-emergency line at 617-343-4911 and clearly state that it’s not an emergency.
  2. Provide necessary information: Be prepared to offer your permit details, the location of the parked car (including license plate number), and any attempts you made to contact the owner.
  3. Follow police instructions: Cooperate with any guidance provided by the officers. They may attempt to contact the car owner, issue a citation, or arrange for a tow truck under specific circumstances.

After Your Moving Day

Your move might be complete, but your responsibility extends beyond unloading the last box. Leaving a clean and considerate environment reflects well on you and ensures a positive experience for everyone involved.

Post-Move Cleanup:

  • Be a good neighbor: Respect the community by removing any leftover debris, packing materials, or discarded items from the street or sidewalk near your parked truck. This includes cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, plastic wrap, or any other remnants of your move.
  • Leave the space spotless: If you used public spaces like lampposts or building entrances to post your signs, ensure they are removed promptly. Dispose of them responsibly, avoiding littering or leaving them behind.
  • Minimize your impact: If your move caused any minor damage to surrounding areas, such as scuffed walls or chipped sidewalks, consider offering to repair the damage with the property owner’s permission.

Remember: By taking these small steps, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new home while demonstrating consideration for your neighbors and community. Let’s all work together to make moving in Boston a positive experience for everyone!

Additional Resources For Boston Moving Permits

  • Questions about your application: For any inquiries or concerns related to your moving permit application, feel free to contact the City of Boston through the dedicated email address: [email protected].
  • Parking concerns: If you have further questions about parking regulations, enforcement, or specific situations encountered during your move, the Office of the Parking Clerk can assist you. Reach out to them directly at 617-635-3146.

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