A Day in the Life of a Van Operator

  • October 3, 2022
Day in the Life of a Van Operator

Van operators make the moving industry go ’round.

These hard-working individuals devote their days to moving precious memories and helping people start new lives across town or the country. 

Van operators often serve as the faces of moving companies. They’re the men and women who show up at your house with a smile and lead a crew of movers through the packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking processes — all while answering questions and accommodating your specific needs.

That’s why Armstrong wants to honor and celebrate our van operators across the country who have played pivotal roles in the lives of so many individuals and families.

Our van operators are the backbone of our logistical operations and the front-line ambassadors of our brand. We’re proud to recognize their service to our customers every day.

Though no two days are alike, here’s a fictionalized day in the life of a van operator. 

Arrive at an Armstrong warehouse location

At Armstrong, a van operator typically receives an assignment a day in advance. They’ll receive information about the customer and the moving services requested so they can begin preparation. The van operator calls the customer, provides information about the size of their crew and talks through any questions or concerns. 

By the time they arrive at the warehouse the next morning, they already have an open line of communication with the customer and a detailed plan of action for the day. The operations manager has already pulled packing material and other resources for the move.

Set out for the customer’s home

As they leave the warehouse, the van operator calls the customers again to notify them that they are on their way and everything is on track.

Do a walkthrough of the origin location

Upon arriving, the van operator first greets the customer and makes an introduction between the customer and crew members. Then, they walk through the home, paying careful attention to the state of the building.

Depending on the type of hardwood flooring in the home, the van operator may decide to protect the floors before the crew begins work, going the extra mile to ensure they stay spotless. They may also protect carpets, doors and other sensitive parts of the property.

Manage the packing, protecting and loading processes

As a full-service moving company, Armstrong offers packing services to save customers time and energy. On such a job, the van operator leads the pack-and-protect process, ensuring the crews have enough tape and other materials. 

When the crew begins loading items into the van, the van operator also keeps an eye on the weather, double-checking that everyone has enough water when it’s hot out.

Depending on the size of the home and the number of belongings being packed, this process may take the moving crew hours or even multiple days. Armstrong customers find that having our crews pack their home saves them time, energy and stress. 

Sign all paperwork before leaving

Before they depart from the residence, the van operator reviews the relevant paperwork, including the high-value inventory sheet noting any items valued at more than $100 per pound. These items receive “the special treatment” on moving day. Before the day is over, both the van operator and customer will sign the inventory sheet to verify that everything is accounted for and in good condition. 

After completing all appropriate inventory lists, the van operator will leave the customer with a handshake and a smile.

Begin the unloading process

If the customer is moving less than 100 miles, the van operator and crew go next to the resident’s new home to unload and unpack everything.

If the customer is moving more than 100 miles, the van operator and crew unload the packed items from the trucks into warehouse cartons for transportation overnight or in the morning.

When the job is complete, the van operator pays the crew and prepares to do it again the next day — to make a difference in the life of another Armstrong customer.

Armstrong is always looking for dedicated and passionate relocation van operators to add to our team! Our van operators know that when they joined Armstrong, they gained a network of representatives who have their back mile after mile, always there to offer support and answer questions. Learn more.