8 Things to Know About Moving High-Value Inventory

When you’re getting ready to pack up and move, some of your belongings will require extra attention. These may be the jewelry that have been in your family for generations, the artwork lining the walls, or the piano on which you learned how to play.

These items may qualify as “high-value,” and both you and your movers can take additional steps to protect them during the move. Here are eight things you should know about moving high-value items:

High-value items have extraordinary or unusual value.

Though “extraordinary value” may mean different things to different people, movers most frequently define high-value items as those that are valued at more than $100 per pound. If you’re not sure of an item’s value, get an appraisal or contact your move coordinator for help.

These items can include anything from family heirlooms to designer shoes.

Any of the following may qualify as high-value items: rare currency or coins, jewelry, precious metals, gems, stones, china sets or crystal, artwork, antiques, designer clothing or handbags, furs, oriental rugs, tapestries, musical instruments, manuscripts or other rare documents.

High-value inventory require special packing procedures and materials.

For example, you need to pack china sets in a dish pack, a box that is extra sturdy to protect fragile items. Most individuals don’t have the time, materials or expertise to pack their high-value items, so they leave the packing process to their movers. To make things as easy as possible, organize all your high-value items into a designated room or corner that the packers will find easy to identify. They will pack those items for you in special boxes.

A High-Value Inventory form will accompany any qualifying goods.

Before moving day, your movers will give you a High-Value Inventory form, where you will write down the details of all qualifying items. When the big day comes, both you and the driver will sign the form, indicating that you both are witnesses to the condition of those items before they were transported. You will each receive a copy for your records, and the movers will use their copy to ensure that all items are present and packed properly.

On moving day, your items will receive the white-glove treatment.

When the movers are transporting your items, they will know which items are high value. Those items will receive extra-special care in the loading and unloading processes. Moving services like Armstrong Relocation – Houston have been transporting high-value inventory for generations, so we know how to pack and transport them in a way that will leave them in pristine condition.

You will have the opportunity to check the condition of your goods with your movers.

After the items are transported, you will have the opportunity to inventory all of your belongings, including your high-value items again to ensure that they are all accounted for and in the same condition that you left them. You will check everything against what you listed on your copy of the High-Value Inventory form.

You can note any exceptions on your High-Value Inventory form.

Most likely, you will see no issues with your items, and you will sign your High-Value Inventory form again to record that. However, if any damage happened during the move, you will mark it on your form, sign it, and contact your Armstrong move coordinator. Your coordinator will guide you through the next steps of the exception process.

You can’t trust just anyone to move your high-value items.

At Armstrong Relocation – Houston, you can always expect the highest-quality service. Your belongings are important to you, so they’re important to us. We treat every item as if it were our own. Let us ease some stress from the relocation process by helping you with your high-value inventory. To learn more about our full-service packing and moving services, call Armstrong Relocation – Houston today at 281.897.1118 or request a free quote online.