Top 4 Reasons to Book Your Move Now!

Great news, you’re moving! Moving your family is exciting, but it can also bring a tremendous sense of stress and upheaval to your household. Moving to a new neighborhood and changing school districts can also be an anxious time for everyone in your family. Among the many things on your list is finding and booking a good moving company. It may seem that since your move is months away, you can place this task at the bottom of the list, but it’s better to book movers as early as you can. If you’re moving within the Dallas – Fort Worth area, or to nearby Plano or Frisco, it’s essential to book early. Good movers book up fast in a bustling city, so the sooner you hone in on the right team, the better and here’s why.

1. Reserving Early Allows You To Plan

Face it, it’s a hectic world. Your days are jammed with work responsibilities, the kids’ school events, helping with homework, and maintaining a semblance of routine for your family. Reserving a firm date allows you to plan the rest of your moving efforts around this deadline, while also maintaining your work-life balance.

2. Plenty of Time to Consider Residential Full-Service Options

Booking your move early allows you to assess full-service options that take additional stress off your shoulders. For example, Armstrong – Dallas has a professional team of movers and installers who are trained to help you pack and unpack your property, disassemble and reassemble appliances and specialty items, organize and get you settled in, and pick up and deliver your items to storage. You could also explore Armstrong – Dallas’s cashback realty home sale-purchase options.

3. A Single Point of Contact for All Your Concerns

When you hire Armstrong – Dallas, you get more than a confirmed move date. Armstrong’s professional move coordinator will act as your single point of contact through the entire process of moving. Before, during and after the move, your move coordinator will help you by organizing a move plan, customizing additional services, and responding to changes and updates seamlessly. The move coordinator’s goal is to provide a positive experience for you and your family.

4. More Time for Your Family

Moving is tough. The stress of moving can take its toll on you, your spouse and your kids. The advantage of having a full-service moving company is that it frees you up to pay more attention to the ones you love. Before the move, you’ll have time to prepare your kids for summer in their new neighborhood or take them on a tour of their new school district. You’ll have much more time to focus on making this an exciting adventure rather than a frightening change for your kids. And, you’ll feel confident in leaving the heavy lifting to Armstrong – Dallas.

Whether you’re moving across the city or to a nearby town, Armstrong – Dallas is your best choice for residential moving and storage services.

Let Armstrong move your precious cargo. Call us today at 972.242.0511 to discuss your local move.

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