Mobility Program Check Up

As unprecedented times emerge, new measures must be taken. From minimizing business disruptions to assuring the safety of your employees, this can be seemingly daunting coupled with summer intern program preparations or new talent placement. Performing a check up on your mobility program can help you confidently navigate your organization through the “new normal”. Here’s just a few vital signs to consider:

ARM Checkbox  Safety Prioritization

Are your supply chain partners safely serving your employees and their families?

New times call for new safety measures. Your supply chain partners should be adapting their standards and processes to protect your employees throughout the relocation process.

Verify your partner has the proper safety protocols in place to protect everyone involved in the move process, including daily service crew screenings, PPE use and frequent hand washing. Consider efforts made to minimize in-person interaction in your employees’ homes as well, such as replacing in-home, pre-move surveys with virtual surveys and on-site quality control checks with virtual customer experience assurance pulse discussions.

ARM Checkbox  Supply Chain Assurance

Have you mitigated risk of disruption throughout your mobility supply chain?

The economic impact of COVID-19 has forced several businesses around the world to shut down, furlough employees indefinitely or take other cost-cutting actions. Your mobility supply chain partners are not immune to such actions, even those considered to be essential businesses.

Engage with all suppliers to discuss current impacts and near-term outlook, especially if they have not proactively communicated with you. Ensure there is no lapse in communication between your supplier partners. Communicate directly with each of your supply chain partners rather than relying upon third parties to do so on your behalf. For example, include your preferred moving partner on initiation emails to your relocation company to avoid a missed email in a consultant’s absence. And should you be furloughed, inform each of your supplier partners of your absence and provide them with a back-up contact.

ARM Checkbox  Capacity Guarantee

Does your moving and storage partner(s) have reliable capacity to meet your demand?

While moving and storage companies have been deemed essential businesses, the industry as a whole is forecasting an unprecedented pent up demand heading into the peak moving season. As a result, your supply chain partners may no longer have the resources or capacity to accommodate or prioritize your needs.

Ensure your employees’ moves will be taken care of without delay by taking into consideration the mover’s company-owned resources and capacity. Ask your relocation partners for capacity details on the specific movers in their network and consider adding additional movers to your list of preferred partners. You should feel confident that your moves will be taken care of through all seasons. The emergence of COVID-19 accentuates the importance of not only a quality service partner, but also a reliable partner with the operational capacity to cover your needs in all circumstances, no matter what.

ARM Checkbox  Financial Stability

Are your supply chain partners financially stable enough to survive a pandemic?

The moving and storage industry is rife with consolidations, mergers and small business closings, and many movers will not withstand the economic stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To best insulate from hidden unknowns, take control of your program and your suppliers by selecting proven and trusted service partners for your employees. Do your due diligence and request financial documentation. Choose reliable partners who demonstrate financial health through sustained company growth and continual investment in quality resources and practices.

During times like these, having a supply chain partner that you can count on for the vitality of your mobility program is imperative. Ensure you have a trusted partner by contacting us at today at 800.288.7396.