Crystal Clear Moving: How to Pack Glasses for a Shatterproof Journey

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on moving day. One of them is fragile items meeting their unfortunate demise. Ensuring proper packing can go a long way in keeping your items safe during the moving process.

While bubble wrap may come to mind first, there are additional safeguards to consider. Packing glasses, especially delicate wine glasses, requires more finesse than swaddling them like mummies. 

In this comprehensive guide, let’s cover the techniques to safely move your glassware from your old abode to your new haven.

Get Your Packing Supplies Together

Before diving into the nitty-gritty method of packing glasses securely, you’ll need to assemble your packing materials. Having the right packaging materials ensures your items are safely delivered. You’ll need the following to pack glasses:

Packing paper

Packing paper is your best friend for breakable items. The soft material is non-abrasive and won’t damage your fragile items. It’s also an economical choice for packing material. Opt for acid-free options to prevent paper discoloration on your crystal treasures.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap can come in handy for particularly fragile items or stemware. While it’s a bit more pricey compared to packing paper, it’s useful for absorbing shock during the move. Choose small to medium-sized bubbles for better flexibility for smaller items.

Cardboard boxes

Sturdy, double-walled boxes designed for packing glassware are ideal. The reinforced box makes it more difficult for the box to tear open during the move. 

Alternatively, you can repurpose sturdy boxes by reinforcing them with duct tape. Make sure the bottom is strong enough to handle the weight of the glasses. You may want to avoid using a large box since there’s a risk of packing it too heavy.

Packing tape

Secure those boxes and wrap them like Fort Knox with packing tape. High-quality tape will prevent moisture from reaching your items. Packing tape is key to keeping items within the box during the move.

Crumpled paper

Crumpled paper is the unsung hero of cushioning. It creates air pockets and fills gaps like nobody’s business. While old newspapers work well, ink-free options (Like packing paper) will prevent ink smudges from getting on your glassware.

Dish dividers (optional)

These handy inserts, found at moving and packing stores, provide an extra layer of protection and prevent shifting within the box.

Your moving company is a good resource for getting the right packing materials. At Armstrong, we provide boxes for glass and dish dividers to keep all of your items from shifting and prevent broken glass.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Now, let’s get down to business! Here’s the step-by-step guide to packing glasses without a single clink or crack:

Prepare the Base 

Line the bottom of the box with a thick layer of crumpled packing paper, at least 2-3 inches thick. Adding cushioning to the bottom of the box acts as a shock absorber for your precious cargo.

Wrap with Care

Spread out a sheet of packing paper and place the glass in the center. Fold the corners inwards and carefully tuck the packing paper inside the glass. Crumple additional paper and stuff it inside the glass for extra support. 

Wrapping paper is enough to protect your glasses, but you may want to provide an extra cushion. You can use bubble wrap as a second layer of protection for your glassware. Follow the same process to cover the item with bubble wrap and secure it with tape.

For packing wine glasses, pay special attention to the stem. Wrap it separately with crumpled paper or bubble wrap before tucking it into the body of the glass.

Pro Tip: When you pack wine glasses, consider using coffee filters or pipe cleaners to pad the inside of the stem before wrapping. It provides extra stem protection.

Nestle and Layer

Place your wrapped individual glass upright in the box, not stacked. You may want to pack glasses alongside sturdy items like plates or serving bowls to provide additional insulation and stability. Leave sufficient space around each one for cushioning. 

Once a layer is complete, fill any gaps with more packing paper. Repeat the wrapping and layering process until the box is full.

Pro Tip: Pack heavier glasses, like tumblers, on the bottom, and lighter ones, like champagne flutes, on top. This distributes weight evenly and prevents pressure.

Top it Off

Gently lay a single layer of crumpled packing paper on top of the glasses, ensuring they are completely covered. It creates an additional protective buffer against bumps and jostles.

Pro Tip: Don’t overpack! Leaving some empty space within the box allows for movement without breakage. Gently shake the box to test the movement of the delicate items. If there’s too much moving around or you hear glass clicking, then you should add more padding for extra cushioning.

Seal the Deal

Securely tape the box and ensure all flaps are closed and adhered tightly. Label the box clearly as “Fragile – Glasses” to give it the VIP treatment during transport.

Pro Tip: For extra moisture protection, wrap the entire box in a layer of plastic wrap before sealing it.

Alternative Techniques to Pack Glassware:

Towel Power 

No packing paper? No problem! Wrap delicate glasses in clean, soft towels for a surprisingly effective alternative.

Sock it to Me

Don’t have towels? Clean, unpaired socks can also be used to wrap and protect stems or delicate bases.

Dish Dividers 

Invest in dish dividers or cardboard inserts to create individual compartments for your glasses, eliminating shifting and minimizing the risk of clinking.

Consult Your Moving Company

A little extra time and care go a long way when packing glasses. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure your crystal companions arrive at their new home without a single chip or hairline fracture. 

One of the best ways to ensure a stress-free moving process is to hire a reliable moving company. No matter the distance, Armstrong provides trusted moving professionals who can pack, move, and unpack your household. Our household moving services can help you move into your new home with ease.

Once you’re moved in, you can raise a toast to a successful move and the joy of clinking glasses in your new home.