How to Get Your House Back When a Pipe Bursts

Sometimes it happens — a house can sustain major damage with almost no warning, and no way for a homeowner to prevent it.

Whether it’s a storm, flooding or burst pipe, these are unlucky and unfortunate circumstances, but you can be prepared for what to do next if it happens to you.

If your home has sustained major damage from water, it will likely need some significant repairs. Often water damage will require replacing floors, furniture and even walls. It’s important to know the right steps to take to minimize hassles after damage and to restore your property to its original state as quickly as possible.

The Right Steps to Take After Major Water Damage to Your Home

Contact your insurance agent.

Start the claims process immediately. Your agent should be working alongside you to get you the help you need and to ensure you receive reimbursements for qualified expenses.

Document the damage.

Take lots of pictures that clearly show the extent of the damage, and make an inventory list of what you will need to repair and replace. Start with the furniture, electronics and appliances — everything that you can remove from the home. Then list and photograph damage to the permanent items like flooring, walls, windows, doors, plumbing and air handling systems. Whenever possible, include a reference of when and where you purchased each item, how much you paid for it and what it will cost to repair or replace it. Include the brand and model name or serial number if you can find it.

Assess whether or not you can safely and comfortably remain in your home.

If the water damage is extensive, it may make your home temporarily uninhabitable. Decide whether you need to temporarily relocate until repairs can be made. Some insurance policies will reimburse you for a hotel stay or rental costs, so consult with your agent to understand any restrictions on the extent to which your policy will cover temporary housing.

Secure the property

Take steps to secure your property after damage. If a window is broken, contact someone who can help you board it up to protect your home from further damage or theft. If there are undamaged items that you can remove to help make space for repairs, contact a full-service moving company. Your movers can pack, transport and store the items until your repairs are complete, saving you time and stress.

Begin the clean-up and repair process.

Often with water damage, it is best to get a professional cleaning service to help remove all the water and dispose of damaged items. Get a quote for the clean-up service and an invoice documenting the work that was done, when it was completed and how much it cost. It is important to quickly remove all the water to mitigate the risk of mold developing.

Some insurance companies have a list of approved contractors or guidelines on who you can hire to complete repairs. Make sure you understand these restrictions or requirements before you hire any professionals. Always request quotes from at least two different companies before you select your contractor.

Keep in touch with your claims adjustor and your contractors.

Stay in regular contact with all parties involved in your claim and repairs to ensure they are moving efficiently and effectively. Some homeowners may take this opportunity to make some upgrades to their home. Document any incremental costs associated with an upgrade, and review them with your claims adjustor before committing. You can expect to pay out of pocket for any amount an upgrade costs over a simple replacement, but if you don’t make adjustors aware of your decision to upgrade ahead of time, they may not reimburse for the base cost of repairs.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to repair your home after major damage, following these simple steps will ensure you can restore it quickly and safely, with minimal damage to your pocketbook.

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