Case Study

Case Study: University Dormitory Services


  • Over 2,000 student dorm rooms
  • Packing, labeling and contents move for shipping to students’ homes across the U.S.
  • Over 25,000 boxes packed
  • Six-week completion plan
  • E&I Cooperative member

The Problem

COVID-19 displaced thousands of college students during the first and second quarters of 2020. As a result, one Armstrong university client needed a reliable moving and storage company to provide dormitory services for students who could not return to campus after Spring Break to clear out over 2,000 dorm rooms. All personal items needed to be returned safely to students’ homes across the U.S. For items too fragile to ship, such as TVs, computers, laptops, mini refrigerators, and microwaves, the university requested they be placed in an overflow area for the university to ship at a later date. Few boxes previously packed by a moving partner required re-packing and all packing debris needed to be removed from the campus.

Project Challenges

Armstrong faced various challenges throughout the course of the project, including:

  • Protecting the move team, university personnel and student belongings from COVID-19.
  • Ensuring no student items were lost, labeled incorrectly, or broken during packing and/or relocation of 25,000 boxes.
  • Completing the project in a timely manner to ensure student boxes were delivered prior to start of the next academic year.

The Solution

To ensure all crew members, university personnel and student belongings were not exposed to COVID-19, Armstrong followed various CDC guidelines while on campus, including proper PPE for its move team and social distancing where necessary. At the start of the project, Armstrong ensured its move team understood the project’s complexity and needs. Armstrong used its warehouse and inventory management system to ensure the successful inventorying and cataloging of students’ belongings, while allowing Residence Life directors easy access to student inventory. The Residence Life and move teams received daily updates to ensure the project remained on schedule and to discuss any hurdles encountered.

Armstrong crews of 24-30 personnel relocated 75 rooms per day for six days a week, adding Saturdays to the project schedule in order to successfully meet the university’s completion timeline of six weeks.

Client Value & Results

Armstrong onboarded and began the project work within only two weeks of the initial walkthrough and completed all move activities within the university’s allotted six-week timeline. Over 2,000 dorm rooms were serviced with approxi- mately 10-12 boxes per student, totaling over 25,000 boxes packed. Potential project delays were mitigated as Armstrong was able to easily adapt to any project challenges that arose.

Collaboration and coordination with the Residential Life team resulted in all student belongings being successfully delivered to their homes.

High-Quality Capabilities

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